Yoga: The Simplest Poses For Beginners

Yoga: The Simplest Poses For Beginners

The meaning of yoga is to release negative energy, relieve tension and create your main, powerful force. Yoga improves mood, makes us more flexible and strong in mind and body (like a bull).

We present to your attention a couple of the simplest poses for yoga, which will not doubtfully elevate your mood and health, spirit and strength.

1. Mountain pose

This posture works to improve posture, clears the mind of unnecessary thoughts and revitalizes healthy breathing.


Stand with your straight back and feet shoulder-width apart. Breathe deeply, slowly raise your arms and pull your head towards the sky.

2. Pose  Chair

The pose is quite simple and productive, it can strengthen the hips, strengthen the back and tone the abdominal muscles.


Bend your knees over your ankles, keeping your hips parallel to the floor. Moving your legs closer to each other, take a deep breath and raise your arms into the air.

3. Downward Dog


Put your hands on the floor to the width of the legs, knees and shoulder width. Slowly and carefully, to maintain balance, move your hands forward while placing your fingers wide – this will help with balance. Squeeze your hips together and gently lift your lower body to the sky. Your body should look like an inverted ‘V’.

4. Warrior Pose

A strong posture that will stretch and tighten the legs and ankles, as well as fill the mind with positive thoughts.


Stand in a pose as in the example in the photo. Turn your right foot at a 90-degree angle, turning your left foot in very little. Hold your shoulders down and slowly stretch your arms on either side of your body, keeping your palms with which we drop down to the floor. We direct our weight on the right foot lunge in the right knee. Look ahead and focus on the right hand. Switch to the other side (the opposite leg) and repeat the same.

5. Pose Tree

This posture strengthens the hips, legs, ankles, and spine.


Stand in a pose as in the example in the photo above. Transfer your body weight to your left foot, position your hips to face forward, then place the sole of your right foot inside your left thigh. Take it slowly to find your balance! When you feel a stable balance, put your hands together in a prayer position and hold. Repeat position on opposite leg.

6. Pose Triangle

Posture stretches the body, strengthens the hips, knees, and ankles, and also provides instant relief for the back.


Stand with your legs wide apart (as if you were a warrior). Turn one leg about 90 degrees and the other slightly inward (as in the photo above). Stretch your arms in accordance with your shoulders, then exhale breathing, turn the torso towards the outer side of the foot. With one hand, we reach with our fingers to the lower leg, with the other hand we reach for the ceiling. Keep your eyes focused on your raised hand. Shoulders and arms should form one straight line.

7. Pose Sandwich

This posture helps spread healthy blood flow from the heart to the head.


Stand in a pose as in the example in the photo above. Slowly lower the torso from the hip down, keeping the spine straight, with the head down, heavy, just below the knees. Your hands should either grip together or be placed on the floor.

8.  Twist pose

Twist pose helps to neutralize the spine, driving away any hint of back pain.


Sit on the floor with both feet parallel to you. Stretch your left leg in front of you while bending your right leg. Bend your right knee and cross your right leg on the extended left leg. Your left elbow should push the outside of your right knee on the right side placed on the floor behind your spine to help you keep your balance. Turn your head and look at the right shoulder, to the maximum degree. Now, we repeat the same thing, only on the other side.

9. Closer Look

This posture works to strengthen the arms and wrists.


Sit on the floor with both feet parallel to you, as in the photo above. We stretch our body up towards the sun and descend back while breathing slowly and confidently.

10. Relaxing Pose

This posture works to stretch the hips and ankles. It also works great for removing back pain. This is the perfect posture to complete a yoga session.


Sit directly on your lap as in the photo above. Draw your hips down and extend both arms above your head and on the floor so that you really feel the stretch. Pull your fingers forward to increase the stretch. Close your eyes and take deep breaths.

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