Tips To Follow Before Getting a Tattoo

Tips To Follow Before Getting a Tattoo

Do you think you’re ready to get your first tattoo? Well, you’re not until you read these unmissable tips before getting a tattoo that you definitely need to know to be able to pass without problems to the wild side of the tattoo. So-so, so-so! (Suspense music). If you still feel those nerves of thinking that you will get a tattoo and you do not really know how to do it without suffering in the attempt, then surely you are a “virgin of tattoos” and that is why we help you with these tips.

Everything you need to know before getting a tattoo.

# 10. Raising your expectations regarding the room

While there are many tattoo studios, you should be careful to choose the ideal tattoo studio for you, as many are painted and decorated in extravagant colors with many mirrors and things that dazzle us, but that is not what we should see. We must pay attention to it being a clean place, with professionals and using new and quality materials.

# 9. Follow the care recommendations

Do not think that you know them all and do not think that you are immune to an infection or any pain because of not taking good care of your tattoo. In the tattoo studio, they will tell you literally the care you need for a fresh tattoo, so follow their cleaning and disinfecting tips well.

# 8. Do not drink alcohol before you get a tattoo

This advice is for many reasons and the main one is that by drinking alcohol and making an effect on our blood you have more chances to bleed while you are being tattooed and therefore to feel more pain.# 7 Know the language in which you are tattooedPerhaps among the mistakes when tattooing is to get tattoos in languages ​​that you do not know and that you really do not know if what they are writing to you says what you want or if this word or phrase is well written.

# 6. See the offers

Do not let yourself go for the first study you know and not for the first price they tell you. Bargaining never hurts if you save a couple of tickets, but that takes into account that a good job, clean and quality will not be economical either. Always opt for quality.

# 5. Where do I put it?

Think if you want your tattoo to be always exposed (hand) if it is exposed only when you want (ankle, back, shoulders) or that it is never exposed unless you are naked or in your underwear (hip, belly, chest). Knowing how much you want your tattoo to look like will give you an idea of ​​the best place to put it.

# 4. Find your ideal inspiration

Think carefully about what design you will paint. The choice of good tattoo design should take time to choose the ideal, for this, you can make a notebook of your favorite designs by categories or styles to know that you have seen all your options.

# 3. The size is not everything

Take into account that a large tattoo, such as one that covers your entire back, will take more than one session since only one would be too painful and time-consuming. If you are about to get the first tattoo you may want to find a small one.

# 2. Go with a friend

Nothing like the company of a good friend! Everything goes better with a friend next door, a friend who supports you and makes you forget the pain of the tattoo with a conversation.

# 1. A tattoo hurts

This depending on your pain resistance could go from painful to very painful or maybe with much luck, it could be just a little uncomfortable, but you should be aware of your resistance to pain before getting a tattoo and know that you will have to endure the pain, all be for art.

Follow these tips before you get a tattoo and you will see how you will come out of this victorious experience without major complications, to continue focusing on you and how to pamper yourself.

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