Subtleties Of Style: The Rules You Need To Know

Subtleties Of Style: The Rules You Need To Know

1. Aggression in the image (shoes and accessories). 
As a rule, shoes and a bag are those things that tell a woman much more than she would have liked. The shoes are often determined, sexuality women. Any aggression raises questions, and above all this applies to long, sharp noses: what did she sharpen her beak? On the hunt out?

Think three times before choosing shoes, do not forget about the importance of matching the image and the place you are going to visit.

2. Shoes with open toe in the office. 
A woman who is engaged in business is absolutely unacceptable to put such shoes in the office or at a business meeting. It’s just an indecent, overt gender rush to “take me!” In the middle of an office, a bank or in a meeting room.

3. Ankle boots and skirt
Shoes, cut above the bones, in any case, can not be worn with a skirt (unless the skirt is not maxi, in the floor). Especially if the leg is plump – and this is what happens most often. And this full leg is closed in its thinnest part by ankle boots and is cut off from above by a skirt. This is the favorite mistake of most women, damage to reputation. 
4. The desire to achieve the parameters “90-60-90”
Requiring a woman to match the specified 90-60-90, is real fascism. Each has its own figure, you need to be natural. Whether diets are necessary, the woman decides, but the sport is obligatory. For women, playing sports is a guarantee of not only health but also the success of any toilet. Straight back, trim, slim figure – it is worth the hours spent in the gym.

5. Fake brands
If competitors catch you using fakes, it will be shame and disgrace. This does not attract aesthetically and very repels in terms of ideology. If you can’t or don’t want to afford the suite, use brands that work within your budget.

6. Painted jeans
Jeans should be smooth, corrective. They should improve your figure, make you slimmer, and your legs longer. Forget about jeans with embroidery, sparkles, and laces – this is not fashionable and terrible, you are not at the age of 12 years old “fairies”.

7. Open body
Tops and blouses should be tight enough. They may have a neckline or an open sleeve, but your body should not be visible through the fabric – otherwise, you risk giving your intimate secrets to those around you.

8. Hair color.
Do not repaint ten times a year from eggplant to tomato. Pick up the hairstyle that suits you in your natural color, and change not the color of the “feathers”, but the dresses and shoes.

9. Always dress up “all the best”.
Asphalt is not a red carpet, not a platform for a concert performance, not a telecast. Sheron Stone and Madonna go to the gym in a tracksuit, go to a parent’s school meeting in a flowered dress, go to a classical music concert in a little black knee-length dress, and attend the English queen or French president in a dress case or English a suit of neutral classic color, with a skirt covering the knee. We must strive to correspond to the situation, and not create a discord around ourselves.

10. Bag filled.
Analyze what you really need to take with you. No need to collect useless goods and carry it with you for future use. Use the clutch on the strap. It is practical, elegant, it does not look like a bag.

11. Manicure
Intricate nail design – it is absolute bad taste. Long accrued nails, whimsically curved and covered with paintings in the style of “a la Khokhloma painting” – a sure sign of a lack of good taste from their owners. Simply gently filed nails, covered with either colorless enamel, or plain lacquer without any frills. 
12. Lack of a heel.
Flat sole in shoes – a sign of housewives and oligarchs. If you do not belong to one or the other, wear a high heel.

13. Lack of accessories
Gray-gray-gray. Your outfit should be complemented with at least one elegant accessory: a brooch, a necklace, a watch – at least something. Of course, you should not go over the top with this, but completely neglecting it means becoming a talking interior item.

14. “Plaster” instead of meykapa
Do not apply powder or highlighter on the whole face. Use matting and highlighting formulas locally: lightly powder the T-zone, and apply a little highlighter on the cheekbones – this difference in textures will accentuate the natural relief of the face and create the effect of lack of foundation.

15. Diamonds 24 hours a day.
Diamonds cannot be worn until 5 pm, this is considered a move. Diamonds do not play in daylight, but only in the evening. Girls who are not married do not wear diamonds, they are worn only after the wedding. Unmarried girls wear only semi-precious stones, silver, enamels and pearls. 
16. Vulgar unnaturalness
Less vulgarity. Less silicone in the chest, less Botox in the lips, less plastic nails. Less artificial, more natural.

17. Unsuitable body fit
Do not dwell on tight things, they look great only on the perfect figure. A wide loose silhouettes look elegant on any woman.

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