Skin Care and Make-up Techniques That You Need To Be Aware Of In The “Winter” and “Summer” Seasons

Skin Care and Make-up Techniques That You Need To Be Aware Of In The “Winter” and “Summer” Seasons

In order to keep the skin beautiful throughout the year, it is important to adjust skincare and makeup each season while consulting with the condition of the skin. 
Winter and summer are the seasons in particular that you want to be aware of. 
This season is a tough time for the skin. 
This time, I would like to introduce the points of skincare and makeup that I want to be aware of in the winter and summer seasons.

■ “Winter” skincare & makeup

What I particularly care about in the winter season is “moisturizing” the skin. 
If you think your skin has been a little dry due to air conditioning and ambient air, make sure to apply lotion and essence on makeup.

After that, cleansing is not to put a burden on the skin as much as possible. 
Let’s wash bubbles with a feeling of removing dirt of pores with fine bubbles by lathering well.

After that, wipe gently with a towel and finally apply the basic cosmetics. 
Beauty liquid is recommended because the type that “Ceramide” is blended is more moisturizing power. 
I also want to do a moisturizing pack twice a week. 
In particular, the pack that hardens when applied has sealing properties and makes the skin moist.

I would like to recommend powder foundations for makeup, considering the kindness to the skin, but if you say, “If it is absolutely powder, powder floating is noticeable …”, try using a solid kneading type foundation. ? This type of foundation is more moisturizing than powder, but it does not burden the skin more than cream type.

The winter season when cassavas are anxious due to the effects of outside air and air conditioning. 
During the day, if you think you are thirsty, “moisturizing care” immediately! This is the key to making small wrinkles.

■ “Summer” skincare & makeup

What we want to pay particular attention to summer skincare is “UV protection”. 
Even in summer, compared to winter, there are more UV rays, so if you go outside without applying sunscreen, stains will occur immediately. 
“It will be fine if this is enough,” and it is not good to be off guard! Please do UV cut firmly with sunscreen cream and parasol or hat even when you go out for a while! 

In the summertime, sunscreen cream will be applied on a daily basis, so it will be completely UV protection, but at the same time, it will put a considerable burden on the skin.

What is important for the skin here is choosing a sunscreen. 
If the SPF is too strong, the burden on the skin will be too large, so if it is the range of daily life, something like “SPF20” is enough.

“SPF 20” about how to paint sunscreen around! I think that it is better to coat several times on the cheekbone area where the sun is easy to hit. 
Make sure that the powder foundation is especially well attached.

Summer is a season when you feel an upset due to sweat etc. 
In the morning skincare and makeup to prevent makeup collapse, try to make use of a cosmetic solution with little oil, try not to use latex, or try to control oil rather than basic skincare. 
(This is because it is included in the calculation of oil coming out of sebum)

Care to summer skin that UV rays are strong and sweat is very difficult, but please hold these points and try skincare and makeup hard.

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