Makeup to Go to The Gym

Makeup to Go to The Gym

It is said that it is not good to go to the gym with makeup because, as we are going to perspire, our skin needs the pores to be clean and clear. Also, can you imagine leaving the spinning class with the eyeliner and the mask leaving a big stain around your eyes? Terrible! However, there are some tricks and products that can be used to achieve a makeup to go to the natural gym, practically imperceptible, but that will help you to look more beautiful and hide the imperfections that make you complex. And we are not going to give up being pretty while we exercise, right? I invite you to my self-makeup tutorial to go to the gym below!

 Step 1

 Nothing base! If you perspire and have your skin covered with a base you are at risk of acne and blackheads. Therefore, the ideal for the look at the gym is to apply a moisturizing cream with color, which will moisturize your skin while helping you to cover those imperfections that you want no one to notice.

Step 2

 For the eyes choose the color most similar to the color of your shadow skin. Try it to be a shadow in cream because it glides better on the skin and looks more natural than powder makeup.

Step 3

 Now I put on a waterproof eyelash mask so that it does not run with sweat.

Step 4

 And for the lips, nothing better than a lip moisturizer with color. You’re ready to go to the gym! And have you noticed that it practically does not seem like I had makeup? That’s the idea! 

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