Keep The Beauty After Giving Birth

Keep The Beauty After Giving Birth

The biggest joy for any mother is the birth of a child. But it is a pity that this joy does not help to return the former attractiveness. However, do not lose heart and give up, because with pigment spots, stretch marks and with excess weight, you can easily fight.

Naturally, during pregnancy, the body undergoes significant changes. And these changes do not stop even after giving birth. After giving birth, your whole body and back may hurt or sweating may increase. But all these changes are only temporary, and soon generally pass. But, unfortunately, many problems after childbirth remain for a long time, bringing moms a considerable amount of grief.

The problem with being overweight. Baby will help

If you are breastfeeding your baby, then your appetite can affect you. In this case, one of the manifestations of nature works, because it is very important that your child receives only the necessary and useful substances. But this does not mean that you need to eat a lot. Your body will be enough for 500 calories more than usual in order to provide your baby with useful vitamins and minerals. But no matter how much you want to lose a few pounds of excess weight, in no case do not go on a diet and do not torment yourself with starvation. Eat the required number of calories, but do not eat food without a high content of proteins and vitamins, drink more fluids. Before each meal, you can drink a glass of mineral water. Try to eat small portions, but often. And in order not to experience a feeling of hunger, you can drink a glass of kefir or milk.

Be equally careful with the exercises. It is undesirable for you to overwork, and some exercises during this period can be dangerous. After a cesarean section, you need to be very careful when taking exercise. Do not carry or even lift heavy objects. If the birth was natural and without any special complications, then start light exercises for stretching the muscles can be a week after birth. In addition, to lose a few extra pounds will help your baby. Take him in your arms more often and walk with him. And as your baby gains weight, your load will gradually increase. This is a very good exercise for the arm muscles. A normal walk with a stroller will be an excellent exercise. During your morning walk try to maintain a good pace and you will not notice how a few extra pounds will dissolve themselves. In this case, the main thing is not to rush, because what has been gathered in 9 months cannot be removed in 3 days.

Ugly belly

As a rule, during pregnancy, the abdominal wall tends to stretch strongly, and after delivery, it sags completely. But if a woman is in good physical shape and the abdominal muscles are sufficiently trained, then with the help of special exercises for the abdomen, the stomach will return to its prenatal appearance very quickly. To improve blood circulation, it is useful to do a belly massage with a contrast or cold shower for 15-20 minutes every day. To maintain elasticity will help lotions and body creams.

Dark Spots

Pigment spots are very common. They can manifest on the body and face. This phenomenon of the body is associated with the restructuring of the body, namely the activation of a specific hormone that affects the appearance of melanin. Pigment spots may disappear after 4-5 months after delivery. But you can speed up their disappearance in any way. To do this, you can apply a mask of yogurt twice a day and then wipe the stains with a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice. In addition to such folk remedies, there are also cosmetics. But if the pigment spots are too stubborn, then they can be removed using ultrasonic cleaning.

Stretch marks

As a rule, stretch marks occur in more than 90% of young mothers. And if you have light skin and stretch marks are barely visible at all, then you can remove them after using special creams with vitamins A, E, and collagens. A roller-vacuum massage, which can be done in any beauty salon, is also considered as effective. It can be done only 6 weeks after delivery, and this will in no way affect the quality and quantity of breast milk

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