How To Make Pizza Dough

How To Make Pizza Dough

This recipe is one of the best recipes in the world to make a delicious pizza.


  • 500gr flour
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (brown sugar will taste better)
  • 10- 12,5gr bloom glaze (instant dry yeast)
  • 5gr salt
  • 50ml olive oil
  • 300ml water
  • 5gr oregano

The making process:

Put for all the ingredients into the machine, stuff about 10 minutes or until it is smooth dough chewy. (Without a mixer, it would have stuffed by hand, until smooth dough chewy) Incubation of baking powder should be doubled within about 45 ‘to 60’

Press the dough flat; divide the dough into a small staff of about 50 grams powder.

Personnel thin as you like. Place in a baking dish

Invasion face powder with a fork

Bake 200 ~ 210C temperature for 5 to 7 minutes

Remove and cool. Put the freezer until needed.

The preparation of Mozzarella:

  1. If the dry mozzarella, only chopped luau granular or fibrous julienne
  2. If it is wet Mozzarella (preserved in water) cut out, and to preserve a basket in the refrigerator at least 2 hours to dry out completely mozzarella
  3. If the delicious Mozzarella (ghee) generally do not cut to form small slice (to also enjoy the taste of cheese), still underway to drain it dry for mozzarella.

Preparing vegetables/sausage:

  1. Vegetables or grain luau cut, or cut fibers, sautéed with onions and salt for nine, to rein each kind.
  2. Sausage slice, fried ripe.
  3. Prosciutto cru does (choose unsalted form): chopped, sautéed with onions fiber extra virgin olive oil and/or crude oil, then fried with pieces not last entered the pizza is cooked completely and removed from the oven.

Bake Pizza:

1.Crispy thin crust pizza

  • Prepare the oven temperature of 220 degrees C (hot as possible)
  • Take part about 50 -60 grams flour, powder-coated clothes, hand size, or rolling plant rolling capacity as thin as possible, to make a circle, it is best to use your fingers instead of rolling plants, if the solution is Metro Pizza rolling plant
  • Put in tray, quick smear of tomato sauce, mozzarella book, vegetables on face
  • Bake immediately in 7-10 minutes

2.Pizza with the thick skin (usually as Pizza metro):

  • Oven temperature: 180 ° C
  • Roll the dough thickness 5mm-7mm
  • For powder 45min-1 hour break, when higher baking powder
  • Give up the tomato sauce, baked for 15 minutes, for mozzarella and vegetables on the
  • Continue baking 10 to 15 minutes over (depending on wheel size)


  • How do the form (1) and (2) are, own, use mold circular shape (pasta cutter) to cut small circular tongue)
  • 95-100 grams of warm water (hand in to feel warm, not hot hand)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 pinch of sugar
  • As long as 15 grams of fresh blooming yeast (or 3 dry green)
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil (extra virgin olive oil is, so important then because it created the fragrance for bread, and heat-resistant, non-toxic created during baking)

Mix salt with flour

Mix warm water with sugar, and yeast, stirring to dissolve.

Make the dough into 1 the volcano. Water is added through using a fork stir very well. Then Knead dough by hand for smooth

Create shaped cake; use a sharp knife to cut up the cross-shaped ball, helping the gas exchange powder, fermented well, and also to test the fermentation of the dough.

Place in a bowl, glass-coated paper, to a warm place about 30 minutes, then put into the refrigerator (compartment cooling) incubated overnight or for at least 12 hours and up to 4 days.

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