Excessive sweating / Methods of struggle

Excessive sweating / Methods of struggle

Undoubtedly, today it is very difficult to imagine yourself without deodorants, sticks, and aerosols. And in order to be able to choose the right means, you need to know exactly what can be expected from it.


As a rule, disinfectants and bactericidal additives are part of the usual deodorant. They help destroy microorganisms that are able to disappear along with an unpleasant odor. In this case, you sweat, but the smell does not manifest. The effectiveness of the use of deodorant mainly depends on the concentration and activity of additives. The choice of hygiene products of this type depends on the sensitivity of the skin, the degree of sweating and, of course, on your desire.

Cream emulsion

Delicate emulsion creams are best suited for very sensitive skin. Many of them contain substances that can eliminate the strong smell of sweat while protecting the skin from bacteria and fungal infections. They have their advantages. Deodorants of this type do not leave white spots on clothes.


If you need to spend a long time on clothes made of lightweight cloth, it is best to use talc. Long ago, our grandmothers used baby powder for this. And as it is not sad, but the effect of such a tool was much weaker. Talc or powder has the ability to perfectly absorb sweat, while not allowing clothes to stick to the body. As a rule, it was used after taking a shower, and when applied to the skin, it should be wiped well. Note that the use of powder and talc for sensitive skin is not suitable.

Solid antiperspirant

Be sure to in your bag to the top stuffed with the right things, there should be a place for a compact solid deodorant. Usually, it can easily fit in a small handbag. Solid antiperspirant deodorants are very effective and can soften the skin. Such hygiene products have a very light, unobtrusive aroma and can be combined with any perfume.


With very heavy perspiration, it is best to use lotions. They are usually available as a spray. In their composition, they contain alcohol, which is able to carry out the antiseptic effect of the skin, while cooling it slightly.

Today, many deodorants to enhance protection against odor, contain enzymes that are responsible for the formation of an unpleasant smell of sweat.

Before getting rid of excessive sweating, it is necessary to exclude the presence of causes that may be a sign of a bad smell. A strong odor can be caused by a metabolic disorder or hormonal disruptions, and it can also be associated with a stressful situation. In this case, hormones of fear are released into the blood.

Diseases of the autonomic nervous system or chronic fatigue and neurosis can also be the cause of increased sweating. Often the cause of the unpleasant smell of sweat can be hair that grows in the armpit, so from the point of view of hygiene, it is better to get rid of them.

Pay attention to your clothes as often as possible. Sweat that is absorbed into the fabric can decompose not only on clothing but also on the skin. With all this, do not forget about soap and water. Since cosmetics should be applied only to clean skin.

As a rule, perfumed deodorants contain alcohol in their composition, but they do not contain bactericidal additives. That is why such deodorants get rid of the unpleasant smell for a short time. They are recommended to use to those people who sweat moderately, but love, when their body smells pleasantly.

However, those people who suffer from a strong odor of sweat, it is better to refuse such deodorants, as odors can mix and give the opposite effect. Perfumed deodorants are not recommended for use in hot weather and on the beach. In this case, the aromatic substances increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight.

Unlike deodorants, antiperspirant microbes practically do not destroy, but they stop the process of sweating. This is because those substances that are part of the organic matter of zinc or aluminum thicken the epidermis and close the exit paths of the sebaceous glands.

Antiperspirants do not recommend using in those situations that are accompanied by severe perspiration. In such cases, sweat that accumulates under the skin can cause swelling of the armpit. In such situations, it is best to use deodorants. Antiperspirants should be used in the morning, after a shower. It is better not to abuse these hygiene products and use them once a day, and while taking an evening shower, wash thoroughly with soap or shower gel. It is very important not to use sweat protection during sleep – at night the body, including the armpits, should rest and breathe. Besides, at night the person practically does not sweat.

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