Diet: Do You Need Her?

Diet: Do You Need Her?

Every girl or woman, more or less dissatisfied with her figure, which is far from the generally accepted standards, sooner or later resort to helping various diets.

1. Sport or diet

First of all, before you go on a diet, be sure to find out if you have excess weight. This can be learned very easily by calculating a BMI (body mass index). As a rule, with a normal weight, it is from 19 to 25 units. For those girls who grew up 171 and weighs 70 kg, the body mass index will be 23.5. This indicator. In this case, it fits well in the norm, and this means that you need to solve the problem of excess weight in the gym, and not on a diet.

2. Is it really necessary?

Try to ask yourself this rather simple question and try to understand what will change at that moment when the scales show the numbers you need? After all, the effort spent is worth only what really needs it. With all this, you should not immediately hope for dramatic changes in your personal life.

3. Define a real time frame.

First of all, your goals should be easy to reach. Thus, you can not lose weight by 15 kg in 2 months, while not causing harm to health. For example, losing more than 1 kg per week, you will lose weight only due to water and muscle mass, while your metabolism may be disturbed, and water will return to the body immediately after the end of the diet, taking with you a couple more extra pounds.

In order for weight to be lost precisely due to fat, it is advisable to drop no more than 500 grams per week, and no more than 2 kg per month. In this case, the fat is split much slower than it is deposited, and the body will not quickly give up its reserves.

4. Define intermediate goals for yourself

Divide the weight loss program into several stages. Then calculate how much you should weigh at the end of each one. Then the path to the achievable goal will not be so far away, and the incentive to lose weight will not disappear.

However, agree that your goal to lose 1 kilogram this month is much more realistic than to lose 15 kilos at all. With all this, do not forget to praise yourself, even for minor successes that will really lead you to a big victory.

5. Check your health

Before you start losing weight, you need to find out if you have any health problems. Since the diet is a restriction in the diet, then you need to know in advance if this will be harmful to your health. However, if there are problems with the body, but a dietitian will come to the rescue.

6. Count your metabolism

In order to lose weight on the number of pounds that you set, it will be enough just to reduce the caloric content of food by about 200 kilocalories per day. However, in order to find out how many calories your body spends to maintain this weight, you need to calculate your metabolism.

To determine the metabolism, you just need to use the following formula:

Metabolism at rest (ORP) = (9.99 * weight, kg) + (6.25 * height, cm) – (5 * age, in years) – 161

For example: let’s calculate the ORP, for a girl with a weight of 70 kg, 171 cm at the age of 25, we get:

ORP = 699.3 + 1068.75 – 125 – 161 = 1482.05 kcal.

When you count, do not forget about the rules of mathematics: first, you need to multiply and divide, and only then add and subtract.

However, in order to get the true calorie consumption, you need to multiply the figure that will turn out to be:

1.2 – if you are not at all friendly with fitness, by 1.375 – if you give yourself a light exercise 2 times a week, by 1.55 – if you lead an active lifestyle, by 1.75 – if you are seriously engaged in fitness, by, 9 – if sport is yours

It is precisely as you lose weight that you will have to return to this formula since the number of calories and weight will decrease.

7. Keep a personal diary

As a rule, in fact, it only seems to you that you do not eat anything, and you feel fuller from the air. A couple of ordinary days that you spend with a food diary will help open your eyes to a lot. For example, how many packs of seeds disappeared when you walked with your child.

Be sure to write in the diary all that you eat in a day. In this case, it is not necessary to carry a notebook everywhere. Records can be easily kept on a mobile phone or even on a computer. Choose a particular day. And weigh yourself on an empty stomach. And if you lose weight, then your program works, and if not, then you need to look for a solution in the nutrition diary.

8. In no case do not scold yourself for failures.

If so, suddenly at a birthday party or at a party you could not resist, and you ate a piece of cake or drank a glass of champagne, then this is not a reason to start a new diet page on Monday. After all, your path to the ideal figure still continues.

9. Make your personal diet.

Sit on some vegetables or porridges, this is far from the way out, because how long you cannot stay that way, and the weight returns immediately after the porridge leaves your diet. Just try to cut a certain amount of food eaten. Eat many times a day but in small portions. The most high-calorie foods try to eat in the morning

10. No need to frame yourself

Having reached the cherished goal and the desired figure on the scales, again you need to adjust your diet. But now you can afford a little more – up to 400 extra calories per day.

From this point on, you need to make friends with sports as tightly as possible. Do a light load at least 3 times a week and do at least half an hour. In this case, the massage will not be superfluous.

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