Callanetics is, in fact, a system of complex static exercises that are aimed at reducing and stretching muscles.

This set of exercises is designed for all muscle groups of the legs, buttocks, arms, shoulders, back, and abdominals. The founder of this type of fitness, American Calan Pinki, argues that only an hour of doing callanetics equates to 24 hours of gymnastics or shaping. Calan Pinki, trying to strengthen muscles after a back injury, came up with several individual exercises that later became the basis of callanetics. Such exercises are performed smoothly and slowly, which allows people to engage in absolutely any age.

The secret to doing callanetics is that it consists of exercises of various Eastern gymnastics and breathing exercises that can cause the activity of absolutely all muscles. Very often callanetics call gymnastics “uncomfortable poses”, because with the help of this technique you will help to wake up even those muscles that you never used, or did not even know about their existence.

During the practice of callanetics, all muscles develop and strengthen at the same time. After this, the posture is improved, and the body volume is reduced accordingly. Metabolism in muscle mass increases significantly, which gives you the right to burn a large number of calories and lose weight after each workout. Having learned to set in motion even the smallest muscles, you will experience more and more new sensations, and also learn how to fully control the body and, finally, understand it.

Callanetics, like a sculptor, is capable of blinding an ideal figure with flawless forms. After the first classes, you will have posture, your chest will rise, your belly will tighten, and even the shape of your buttocks will improve. But this can be achieved by doing it in full force and giving yourself training full. Start classes three times a week. Gradually reduce the number of classes. And after achieving significant results, reduce them to one time. This will be quite enough for you to maintain a beautiful state of health and an ideal figure.

In callanetics, as in any other sport, there are contraindications.

Callanetics is not particularly recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. After the surgical intervention in the body, it should take at least one year. For women who have undergone a cesarean section after delivery, this period should be increased to about 1.5 years in order to avoid rupture of the suture.

Contraindications for doing callanetics are also assigned to those people who have vision problems. And before embarking on exercises, you should consult with your doctor. Asthmatics, and those who have problems with the spine, Kallamatika classes are generally prohibited. If you have recently suffered a serious infectious disease, it is best to wait out the recovery period, during which you must take a course of taking vitamins and minerals. And only after consulting a doctor, you can start classes.

In order for your classes to bring the best result, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the features of this sport.

Starting classes, you need to start from the initial level, even if you have good physical training. You should not force your body to one or another exercise. Do only what you can do.

At the beginning of classes, rest more often, and if you have done only 20 of the 50 repetitions and at the same time felt pain in the muscles, it is best not to overstrain. Perform movement in front of the mirror. So you can record movements and watch yourself from the side.

Keep breathing in the rhythm that you breathe constantly. You do not need to delay it, because the body will not receive the dose of oxygen that it expects. If, after the first few workouts, you did not notice a weight loss, but rather its addition, do not despair. This is only because trained muscles weigh much more than flabby ones. For the same reason, the implementation of exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles can not give significant results. Over time, your body will come back to normal, and every day you will only admire yourself.

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