Best Nail Care EVER!

Best Nail Care EVER!

According to many psychologists and dermatologists, the condition and shape of nails can tell about you and your character even more than handwriting. Manicure, along with hair color and make-up, has become a tradition for every woman. This is not so surprising, because beautiful nails are paid the same attention as on the hair, face, and chest.

There are many problems associated with growing the nails that women face. The most common is lamination and breakage.

First of all, the nails exfoliate from the lack of vitamins, as the body is constantly missing something, and this lack tends to manifest itself externally. The reason for the separation of nails can be a constant stay of hands in a wet environment. And even the most common stress can affect nail growth.

But, oddly enough, mostly nails exfoliate due to improper processing of their edges and because of the habit of biting them. And in order that the nails are not exfoliated, you need to follow some rules for their care.

When processing nails with nail files, their movements should be directed to one side. The file in no case should not be iron and the best of Teflon or silver coating. Finish the processing of nails best sanding the surface of the nail.

In beauty salons, very often, before applying lacquer, the nail is covered with a special medical base, which helps protect it from external influences. After nail manicure treatment, it is best to apply a special cream or avocado oil on the cuticle. Try as often as possible to do the nail bath with iodine, every day for two weeks. Twice a week you can make baths of heated vegetable oil, to which is added liquid vitamin A and lemon juice.

If the nails do not have enough calcium, then you can help the powder from the eggshell. How should crumble the shell, and heat it in the oven? After this, the shells must be thoroughly ground into powder. Take this powder should be diluted in a glass of water 1/6 tsp. Repeat this procedure 2 times a day.

If your nails are fragile and brittle, this means that you have an excess of calcium in your body. Many women make mistakes when they think that if you take more calcium, this will help strengthen your nails. Excessive use of calcium-containing remedies only worsens the situation.

Dryness and crumbling of the nails appear after using chemical cleansers. If you keep your hands in water for a long time, this can also be a cause of brittle nails.

In order to avoid brittle nails, you need to use a nail polish remover no more than once a week. If you need to correct a manicure, this does not mean that you definitely need to wash the lacquer, because you can tint the nail at any time. When using various detergents, be sure to wear gloves on your hands, this will help to maintain not only the beauty of the nails but also the skin of the hands. For the manicure, use only a glass or emery nail file, and file your nails in one direction.

Pay attention to your health, because the state of the nails may well depend on the state of the body. For example, excessive brittleness of the nails may indicate violations of the thyroid gland. In this case, you just need to consult a doctor.

In the manicure set of every woman and girl must be a means of “Smart enamel.” You can buy it at absolutely any cosmetics store or even at any pharmacy.

Note that proper nail care is not only in the use of nourishing and firming agents. No less important is quality manicure. And if you are not able to visit the nail salon twice a week, then you can easily do a manicure at home.

To begin, give the nails the desired shape using a nail file. To remove the cuticles, use a special liquid or spatula. Apply lacquer to the nail only last. It is believed that the perfect application of varnish on the nail is three strokes. The first smear should be done in the middle because from the middle the lacquer will spread to the edges of the nails.

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