Benefits Of Water Aerobics

Benefits Of Water Aerobics

Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to lose weight today is considered to be water aerobics. The secret of aqua aerobics is that water, facilitating physical exercise, not only enhances their effect but also helps strengthen muscles, kneads bones and promotes healing of the whole body.

Regular water gymnastics classes help to keep the whole body in good physical shape while helping to get rid of extra pounds, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the nervous system. In addition, water aerobics classes are necessary so that a person does not suffer from shortness of breath. The main advantage of this kind of fitness is the lack of load on the spine. Due to this, water aerobics classes are often recommended to people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, pregnant women, and are also recommended as a course of recovery after surgery.

It should be noted that in water, the effect of gravity is significantly weakened, and ejection occurs. Thus, the load on the joints, which happens when performing exercises on land, is significantly reduced. Therefore, exercise in water can be a long time and not be afraid of traumatic injuries.

As a rule, aqua-aerobics classes begin in the same way as other sports classes – with warm-ups. After the warm-up, the exercises of the training process follow. And only after that, you can start those exercises that are aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular system. Usually, such complex procedures take no more than half an hour. Completion of classes is a series of recovery exercises. They may include elements of yoga, light exercises, stretching ligaments, muscles, and some dance elements. In addition, aqua aerobics is considered the only sport that is able to hide figure flaws, since you are in the water when doing exercises. Thus, we can say that even if you do not know how to swim, you can always do water aerobics.

To practice aqua aerobics, absolutely any pools are suitable, but for their effectiveness, it is necessary to observe the depth between the chest level and the belt level. If you are engaged in a smaller pool, then from the exercises you can exclude jumping, exercises with sharp movements. The thing is that in shallow basins, the force of gravity is a little more, and is approximately equal to that on land. Shallow pools are suitable for exercises of arms and legs, which are done under water. In order to turn on the load on your back, in a shallow pool, you need to kneel down or just sit down and continue with the exercises in this position. A long stay of the body in such a position is physically impossible, so the exercises must be alternated.

It should be noted that underwater movements with arms and legs bring the greatest effect. For example, a complex load on the muscles of the arms, back, and chest provide vigorous movement of the arms under water. The composition of any training methods necessarily include exercises for flexibility. When performing these exercises in water, you will not be at risk of damage to the ligaments and other tissues.

The temperature of the water in the pool should be about 18 ° C. And as a rule, before performing any set of procedures, you must first swim in order to warm up and stretch your muscles and tune in to classes. And if, after performing a set of procedures, you feel a chill, it means that you need warmer water to practice.

When doing physical exercises, try to do all the exercises to the end. Keep your abdominal muscles tight. Be sure to follow the rhythm and proper breathing. Repeat the exercises approximately 8 – 10 times, and pay attention to those exercises that somehow correct the problem areas of your body. And be sure to remember that training should bring you joy and give only positive emotions.

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